The Risen Savior and Ministries
" A Ministry Risen With Christ " Col.3:1
5615 The Alameda      Baltimore, Maryland  21239
410.323.4175 CHURCH   410.945.7300/3232 ACADEMY  410.945.3275 FAX
Senior Pastor/Founder




"Not just another Church, but an experience"



Under Shepherd, Teacher, Preacher,Counselor,

Community Activist,Builder,Churchman and Kingdom Visionary

Bishop Dr. Victore' Folks


 We are so grateful for 19 years of

Kingdom Leadership !

Bishop Dr.Victore' Folks has been Senior Pastor/Founder of the Greater Church of The Risen Savior and Ministries for seventeen years. His Ministry spans three decades .Bishop Folks was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is the youngest of five siblings. He was saved at age 9.He was called to preach the Gospel at age 13.

Under his capable leadership the church has grown spiritually,numerically and financially. The Fruit of the Lord's reward of Faithfulness is evidenced in the Savior Blessing our Bishop to lead the Church in the purchase of our present edifice purchased in December, 2009 for 1.275 million,the renovation of our Christian Academy and Youth organization valued at 1.8 million acquired in December,1999 and the ongoing building fund of our Family Life Center on the Alameda.He oversees the daily ministries of our Church, outreach youth and community ministries. He serves the Rosemont Community of Baltimore City in the capacity of Board Member and Assistant CEO of the New City of Hope.

In 2010 Bishop Folks was consecrated to the office of Bishop in the Lord's Church. The consecration service was held at the Greater Church of The Risen Savior and Ministries,5615 The Alameda, Baltimore,Maryland.

Here is a man who does more than "talk" faith. He lives it. Our Senior Founding Pastor is full of compassion and love. He has a servant's heart and is leading us well !

Our Bishop was a gift from God to his sainted parents, the late Brother Earl Thomas Folks and Sister Elizabeth Annie Folks. He was the youngest child born to the Folks family. Little did they know that Victore' would grow up to be a great visionary to his family, neighborhood,community, city, state, nation and finally Heaven.

A caring and devoted Shepherd, businessman, humanitarian and counselor; Pastor Folks answered the call to ministry to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ over thirty five years. He is a visionary leader with a mighty mandate to bring the Kingdom of God to earth in mission,teaching,preaching and evangelism.

He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and reared by his Parents,grandparents and family in Edmondson Village,Baltimore.Our Bishop credits his family for their strength,vision and encouragement  in the Word and Ways of God. His aunt, Missionary Dorothy Mae Henson began teaching Bishop Folks the WORD at five years of age.He proclaimed his initual sermon while serving his spiritual father , the late Bishop Winfield Amos Showell.It was under the tutelage of Bishop Winfield A. Showell that our Pastor learned, excelled and triumphed !

June,1979 - Licenced Minister

First Apostolic Faith  Institutional Church

Bishop Winfield Amos Showell, Senior Pastor 

July, 1985 - Ordained Elder

BibleWay Church of our Lord Jesus Christ Worldwide

Apostle Smallwood Edmond Williams,D.D.,Presiding Bishop

Chief Consecrator

1100 New Jersey Avenue,Washington, D.C. 20011

Apostle Smallwood E. Williams and Mother Verna L. Williams


February,1998- Ordained Founding Senior Pastor

Apostle Eddie A. Montgomery and Apostle Floyd Nelson


June,2010- Consecrated Bishop in the Lord's Church

Global Bible University College of Apostles and Bishops

Apostolic succession of Saint James (Brother of our Lord Jesus Christ ) 


The Lord truly blessed him from boyhood to manhood to servanthood. In all of his accomplishments Jesus Christ is his final choice. Bishop has an unrelenting devotion, commitment and great dedication to the Body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In February, 1998 Bishop Folks with his great wife,Pastor  Denise L. Folks, Ph.D.,D.Min. were ordained and consecrated as Founding Senior Pastors of the Greater Church of The Risen Savior and Ministries by Apostles and Bishops in the Lord's Church. This consecration was led by Apostle Eddie A. Montgomery, Ph.D. and Apostle Floyd Nelson, Ph.D. The Church Charter was incorporated the same year in Maryland. In 1999,the ministry was approved 501 ( c ) 3 status through the IRS.

February,2017 marks the 19th year of progressive church and Kingdom ministry in our great city . Bishop Folks continues to serve with great strength,love and determination.

Our Bishop ministry extends beyond the doors of our church. He has served as Community President in the Southwest Division, led the community delegation in renaming the former Bentalou Elementary School #150 to Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School #150, a member of Fayette Street Outreach, Counselor of Males for the Mayor's Office of Youth and Families,Approved site for Baltimore Youth Works,President of the Board of Trustees,Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families, Governor's Office of Volunterism, Member of the Board of Directors for Positive Youth Expressions, Incorporated. He serves as  Vice Principal and Dean of Students at the Greater Youth Academy of which he formally served as a teacher. He has received professional visits from Governor Martin O'Malley, former Mayor Sheila Dixon, Delegate Keith Haynes former city council woman Agnes Welch,Senator Sarbanes, Delegate Melvin Stukes and City Councilman Pete Welch.

Bishop Folks has also collaborated with the Body of Christ on several levels. He has extendned himself to the Global,International and Local work of the Kingdom of God. He served in District 4 of the World Assemblies of Restoration where Apostle James D. Nelson serves as Presider. He is a member of Life Changers Pastoral Alliance located in Woodbridge, Virginia. 

Bishop Folks has been in full time ministry for seventeen years.He oversees several ministries in the Baltimore area.He encourages other Pastors to contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.

Bishop Folks has been awarded countless Governor, Congressional ,Senatorial and Mayoral awards, citations and gifts. He has and continues to prove his faithfulness to God and the Body of Christ.A powerful man of faith and lover of souls.

In February, 2014 Bishop Folks began a new urban ministry with his wife known as the "New City of Hope" . This ministry provides supportive housing to women and children. The ministry also offers counseling,job readiness and so much more!!!

Bishop Folks works beside his lovely wife of seveteen plus years, Pastor Denise L.Folks,Ph.D.,D.Min. They are a mighty ministry team unto the Lord our God.